The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Friday, May 22, 2015

7 MORE Reasons Big Families Rock

1) There is usually someone around to style your hair
2) You can get help with your breakfast
3) You can always get assistance getting in your wheelchair
4) Someone is always willing to go to the movies and get a milkshake with you!
5) A helper can always be found to serve dessert
6) You have a lot of brothers willing to defend you (and hold your prom flowers)
7) You can be your own baseball team

Monday, May 18, 2015

7 Reasons Big Families Rock

There are a lot of negative misconceptions about big families. Here are 7 reasons they are great:
1) Older siblings can help you make school projects.
2) There is always someone (or two) to help you put your shoes on (especially if you are the "baby" in the family!).
3) Someone is always available for a hug.
4) You never have to walk alone.
5) There is always someone to play with.
6) You might live with your best friend.
7) Your big sister can help you with crafts.