The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Your prayers are needed!

We have arrived safely(guess you figured that out!). We met our amazing, beautiful children and we are in awe of God's blessings on our family! We are totally in love with these precious little ones. We are enjoying our time here, but missing our kids at home terribly. We need your prayers! We have been here for 2 weeks and are still awaiting news of a court date. Please pray in earnest that court occurs this week! We can't post pictures of the kids until everything is finalized, and I can't wait to share them with you. They are more wonderful than we imagined and will fit in perfectly with our crew at home! Please lift us in prayer, for a quick court date, favor with all officials, and for our little ones to come home quickly!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last Post State Side!

I can't believe it's time to type that! We are actually packed and ready to go. This is the first adoption trip ever that my hubby and I aren't up most of the night before leaving frantically packing. He is chalking it up to "expertise". I just hope we aren't forgetting anything. I have a new chant "passports, tickets, dossier copies, passports, tickets, dossier copies..."! We won't arrive in EE till Monday afternoon. Our referral appointment is Tuesday, although I don't know what time. Please keep praying for safe travels, smooth process,and for L & I as they meet us, and for the kiddos at home! I can't wait to see L & I, but I am already sad with missing our other children. They are very excited to spend time with their wonderful mom-mom and pop-pop, and can't wait to dig into all the goodies in the freezer/pantry that we got this week. As my hubby was helping me put all the groceries away the other night he commented that he hopes even a little bit will be left upon our return home. Don't count on that....
Next post from EE (hopefully we can get good internet connections)!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Travel Preparations!

We have been very busily preparing all the details for travel! Wow! There is so much to do at the very end. Of course, in the midst of everything we are doing all the end-of-school year activities, visiting classes to determine the best placement for our one son for next year, and they decided this week would be a good time to pave the street we live on! Got to love that timing! Well, no time for chit to run some more errands as the countdown continues...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The 10 day post

This was written by a couple on the Reece's Rainbow group, and they posted it 10 days before meeting their precious sons. It has become sort of a tradition for others to also post this poem before leaving to bring home their little ones.

10 days away...

and I'm wondering...

I wonder...when it was 10 days before I met God and He adopted me, was HE this excited?

I wonder if His stomach did flips and He got tears in His eyes when He thought about holding me for the first time.

I wonder if His heart ached when He thought about my life without Him as my Daddy.

I wonder if it grieved Him to know that I was living as an orphan and had no hope of a future without Him.

I wonder if He was as okay with paying my ransom as I am with paying my children's.

I wonder if, for Him, there was not cost too high, no sacrifice to great.

I Chris and Mary Malone

Friday, June 5, 2009

An Orphan's Prayer

[From "Small Blessings", an All God's Children International Publication]

I am waiting.... somewhere far...far...away on the other side of the world.
I may not know who you are or what you look like,
But some how deep in my heart I know you are out there.
That one day you will come and find me.
It's a long journey, and it takes a lot of time...
I wish it could be easier.
But I know that the ones who come for me will not count the cost.
They will only see the joy of finding me.
For now I abide in the fields of the fatherless.
Day by day wondering why I was born here and not somewhere else?
Asking...why my life couldn't have been different?
It is so lonely...
Even though I am surrounded by hundreds of other children,
I know that something is missing... I know in my heart I need a place to call home.
My arms long to be saved by a mother's love...
Gazing out the orphanage window, I offer a prayer of hope,
"Oh God please help them come quickly."
Even as I lay in the darkness each night somehow I feel assured,
That no matter how lost I appear I am not alone.
Holy hands guard my steps; sacred fingers wipe my tears, touching my lonely heart.
The one who made me,
The God that knew me before I was born,
Hears me every time I call.
He whispers His promises in my ear.
I listen with hope to His voice.
But what I worry about most is that no one wants to look for me.
The fields are vast and there are so many scattered all over the earth.
I wonder how one little child, so lost, can be found?
Yet He calms my heart and assures me that HE will find you.
That HE will make sure that you hear His voice clearly.
He has promised me that HE will make a way through the fields,
That HE will personally cut a path, and lead you right to my orphanage door.
My prayer is..
When he speaks...Please don't forget to listen...
When He calls don't be too afraid to go
For I am waiting...somewhere, far...far...away
On the other side of the world
To come home.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The "news"

New baseball player:

New sand:

New bubbles:

New shades:

New "do"