The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why procrastination never works

I try not to put things off, because I have learned you just never know what tomorrow holds. Sometimes though, things just have to wait. We had a week full of appointments and 2 mornings with delayed school openings because of snow. I was determined to get my laundry caught up today. It didn't help that a certain child removed his diaper last night and added all his bedding to the numerous piles in the laundry room. I knew I was in trouble when the first load was done-and soaking wet! I put it on for an additional spin cycle, assuming it was the heavy bedding that kept it from spinning out the first time. Nope. Still dripping wet! I turned the washer on again. It made all the right sounds, but the laundry didn't move. No spin at all! So now we really wait as the repair technician can't make it here till Tuesday afternoon! Hmmmm.....that's gonna be a LOT of laundry to catch up on. Guess where I'll be on Tuesday night?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just yesterday

Our dossier was done! That last document was complete. Today I got an email. The requirements have changed, one of our documents needs to be redone. The paper chase is maddening.....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Isn't God amazing?

Really, He always blesses and provides for our family, but this week He has really knocked my socks off! So often people ask "How do you do it?", meaning how do we provide for 9 (soon to be 10) kids and the answer is really that WE don't, but God does! Just this week, these are the amazing ways our family has been blessed:

Sunday we ran into our Pediatric dentist who was visiting our church. He only treats our 4 youngest children, so he said he was surprised when he got our Christmas card and realized how large of a family we have. He felt compelled to help us and so we will no longer be billed for any dental care for our children! Whatever insurance does not cover, his practice will absorb! I still have a hard time expressing my gratitude for this enormous blessing!

Monday our wonderful friend from church whose construction company did our roof this summer, was here with his crew to replace some windows (that have badly needed replacement!). Our entire first floor is handicapped-accessible, with the exception of our living room, which is sunken and one step down. Adam and I had discussed where to put a ramp, and I was wondering if it was even possible someday in the future to have the floor elevated. Our friend volunteered himself and a crew from church to do just that! We will pay for the supplies, and he said in one day they can get that floor the same level and put in a wheelchair-friendly flooring (we currently have carpeting) and they will do the labor FREE! Wow!

This week I emailed the International Adoption Clinic at our local children's hospital to get Sam set up as soon as he gets home. I inquired if they had a Spina Bifida clinic that we could get him scheduled with. They responded that the head doctor of the SB clinic is also part of the adoption clinic! She will be overseeing Sam's care, and will be available to us should we have any issues with his care before he gets home, and then will be his first visit once he is home! How wonderful to have this continuity of care for him and us!

Yesterday Ivan and Blair had their two-year follow up with the cardiologist. After EKGs, echocardiagrams, and exams, they were given a clean bill of health and sent on our way to return in another two years! Thank you, Lord!

Last night I stopped at Target and got some amazing deals on some things I hope will fit Sam, most for under a $1! You can't beat that, except for FREE.....Adam came home with 2 huge bags today from a wonderful co-worker! She gave us hand-me-downs for the boys and all in great condition and super nice!

I am blessed beyond words, and the good news continues....our homestudy is on its way to Sam's country for translation. We are waiting on immigration for our approval so our complete dossier can make its trans-Atlantic trip....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So close!

We are so close to having a complete dossier, I can barely stand it! I want it done! I want to send it to Sam's country and be officially "in process". We are still awaiting immigration approval, but aside from that it is 2 more documents and then it is complete (well, after we get state apostilles). The one document we have done twice already and are awaiting instructions because it wasn't done to the specifications needed. GRRRRRR! Please pray that the third time is the charm! Please pray we can wrap up this paperwork and get it on it's international journey quickly.

Oh, and I never did update on "the vote". Apparently it did not occur, but it is rumored it may occur next week. Sources say (unofficially) the outcome if it passes will not create a closure, but may result in changes to the adoption process in Sam's country. Our prayer is that whatever happens, that the Lord will bring home Sam quickly before any paperwork changes occur or any delays.

So very close, and yet Sam is still so far away! We are coming Sammy! I am sorry it is taking so long, but we are working as hard and fast as we can!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Start 2011 in a great way!

Why not help a child join a family? There are so many ways to do that, and today there is a way you can do that AND get something fun for yourself (or a loved one)! I have two friends that I have met only in "cyber-space", but I have been following along as they bring their precious girls home from China. They are SO close to holding them in their arms....all that stands between them is money. Please, go check out their beautiful items up for auction and bid on a few (and I admit that I have bid on a few, so the selfish part of me doesn't want the competition:). Please click on the links and help precious Isabella and Liliana join their families! Hurry home to your Mamas, sweet girls!