The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Won't you join us for this mission?

For several months now, we have been following the adoption journey of this amazing family HERE. We have been so moved by their precious daughter Katerina, and by their steadfast faith and testimony through their adoption process. This precious treasure has lived for 9 1/2 years not only without the love of a family, but truly the most basic of needs. She weighs a mere 11 pounds. 11 pounds! That is the size of a newborn. She will be admitted to the intensive care unit of Children's Hopital of Philadelphia immediately upon her arrival in the US.

What could we do? My husband is an ICU nurse. He is an adoptive Dad of 10 children. He has traveled to Eastern Europe. The answer was obvious! We would offer his expertise to this family to assist in transporting this princess home. I have goosebumps at God's fingerprints all over this situation. I am awed by His amazing tapestry as He interweaves lives together. We are so blessed to play even the smallest part in this little one's story of redemption.

We estimate Adam's travel expenses (airfare, food, lodging) will be around $1500. We can not burden this family to fundraise for this expense. God is always so faithful! He has provided the funds for us to adopt 6 children internationally over the last 6 years, so we know this
is merely pocket change in His economy. If you feel led, please use the ChipIn box above.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


There is apparently a problem with vandalism in our neighborhood. Who would do something like this?

Irina never heard a thing and had no idea who the culprit might be.