The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Roller Coaster of Adoption

Well, yesterday was not a good day. Instead of good news, we got bad news (I definitely would have preferred NO news!). Our dossier was not able to be submitted because they had an issue with one document. In my defense, this document was done as specified, but the requirements changed. Not sure if they were changed just for the day, just for us, or just for the official who made the decision, but this is at times the nature of international adoption. It was such a disappointment. The further frustrating fact is that holidays prevent us from submitting for the next 2 weeks, and the day that we now can submit, several of our documents will be considered "expired". This means not only are we delayed, but we now need to redo 9 documents, have them notarized, state sealed, and once again Fed Ex'd to EE. I was pretty much undone by this.

My wonderful husband decided that getting on our bikes would make me feel better, and so we headed out for a ride. He neglected to mention that this ride would be 24 miles long on a record-breaking hot day. He was right though, 10 miles in the tears stopped flowing, although I am still unsure if I felt better or if I just became too dehydrated to cry anymore. Seriously, we did feel better and I spent my ride praying, crying, and recognizing that God knows the big picture that I do not. I need to trust Him. He has brought us on this journey, and He will see us through.

It isn't really the paperwork, or the time, or the expense, but really feeling so close to the day we would meet our children and having it pushed further away. Our hearts just ache to hold them and love them, and it feels as though we have waited long enough already. So, please pray in earnest for us as we do press on! We started the paper chase AGAIN and one document is already on its way for a state seal. Now for the other 9......


Lyndi said...

How frustrating! Praying that the rest of your paper work is done and in EE for te next submission date. A lot of us will be submitted that day, so I hope a lot of us will be in country together...a built in support system!! You're almost to the end!!

alicia said...

agh thats so bad, but as you say God knows better than we do, so keep strong and faithfull

hugs without swine flu, i promise!

ArtworkByRuth said...

Although we know that God's timing is perfect, no one wants to hear it when it is THEIR child waiting. This is by far the HARDEST part of adoption. Hang in there!