The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Monday, August 10, 2009

More pictures...

coming soon, I promise! I know that was really mean, but it got your attention, right? I would have downloaded them tonight, but I am on my hubby's computer and it doesn't like me for some reason when I try to download pictures. I tried to explain the problem to him, but when he tried it it worked like a charm. GRRRR! I am hoping I got at least one cute picture at my in-laws pool today, but we'll see. My day started at 5:29 am. That is way too early for me, but I couldn't be too grumpy as I watched Luke and his big brother Blair(who is 2 years older but about 2 inches and 9 pounds smaller!) playing so nicely in their room. It is really wonderful to watch new siblings bond, and especially when they are laughing and giggling. The problem with those two is that they have decided it is very entertaining to do things that make mommy say "NO!", especially if both of them are doing it at once. Oh my, I am in serious trouble. Thank goodness that Irina is an angel....:)


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

you are a tease!!! we want pictures, you stinker :)

Terry said...

I can't wait to see those pictures!

whenpigsfly said...

I love reading about Luke and Irina being home with your family! When I pray for them it always reminds me to pray for Ginger, who I will always remember finding the day I saw your two newest children at RR's web site. SO ELATED that all three have wonderful FOREVER families, ven if it means telling "Good , bad, and ugly " stories and I LOVE that you saved "the good " for last in your post. My hat is off to you and my prayers are for increased strength, depth of rest while you sleep and broad blessings across all that God leads you into!!

alicia said...

ugh........we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!we want pics!!!

oooooppps sorry

Unknown said...

Andrea Roberts gave me you name. I am "trying" to do a fundraiser for Reece's Rainbow on my daughter blog/website I am looking for families who have been involved with Andrea and RR to do a spotlight now. Would you be able to answer some questions about your journey. I would like it by Sunday.
Suzie Smith - Lily's mom you don't need to post this.