The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures at the mall...

So, the kids' orthotics came today and it was time to go shoe shopping! I decided to trek out to the mall with all the kids in tow (minus older son who is spending the night with his grandparents) and get it all done in one shot. The plan was: get each of the younger ones a pair of shoes that fit with their orthotics, treat everyone to an Auntie Anne's pretzel, zip through Target, and the grand finale....Starbucks for mommy! Well, we successfully got 4 pairs of shoes and it wasn't an easy task with 2 little boys with super wide feet without the orthotics. The store was having a sale, so we did pretty well I think! (I did have to laugh when the salesgirl asked if all the kids were mine. Did she think I was crazy enough to bring other people's kids shoe shopping?) We then got our yummy and somewhat sticky treat (come on, you have to get the cinnamon sugar pretzels!), and then to Target. I knew our moments were numbered in Target so we worked as quickly as possible, but in the end I had to forgo the Starbucks:( Oh well, maybe next time.


whenpigsfly said...

LOVE those "are they all yours? " questions!! What an outing that must have been. I am sorry you missed out on your Starbucks. Isn't it fabulous when you pray for a child to be found by their forever family and it HAPPENS...and its NOT YOU!! LOL!! My fridge door has several children's photos on it of kiddos we've committed to pray for (while asking God "Are ALL THESE KIDS OURS?" ) and telling God that IF WE were that child's family that He'd help us to see it quickly, if not us use us to faithfully for for THE FAMILY to sense their call. My prayer request fridge door has other waiting children photos and every day my heart breaks for them. There are SO many RR children who just grab my heart as well.Trusting God to open the doors for our three to come home from Liberia ...soon. Our Daniel needs brain surgery so badly.
I'm so glad I got to move your kids' photos to the HOME portion of my prayer board!
mom to 14,eager to be able to say its 17 legally!

To Love Endlessly said...

what a busy day. you reminded me of those yummy pretzels. maybe I need to go to the mall tomorrow. haha

The Feasters said...

Next time - Starbucks FIRST.

Missy said...

Ah, these are the days you'll look back on... ;o)

BTW, I've nominated you for a blog award! It's on my blog: :o) Hope that's okay!!

Kari said...

LOL - Now that would be insane!!! Praying you do get your Starbucks soon. It is such a treat for us mom's.

Christine said...

I’m holding a $1 challenge over at, on the countdown to Christmas. Kiril is a little boy with significant special needs who has been waiting on Reece’s Rainbow for a long time, and has been bedridden in an institution for over 6 months now. My goal is to get as many people as possible to come and donate just ONE dollar to Kiril’s RR grant, and then pass this message on to just ONE other person of their choice.

Apart from people I know well, I’m contacting 50 people whose circumstances I’m not as familiar with - so if you’re in the middle of an adoption etc, I obviously don’t expect you to donate. But *please* pass along this message, whether you can give yourself or not.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Ruben & JoAnn said...

They need to make a drive through for star-bucks! Your family picture is beautiful...Hope to get together one day! I'll come and meet you at the Mall!! LOL