The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Friday, January 22, 2010

"C" is for COOKIE!

Ugh, I'm bummed that this picture didn't capture Luke's excitement at all. He was clapping and laughing when we brought this tray of cookies out! He was thinking he had won the jackpot. I have never seen a child more motivated by a cookie, ever! He knows the sign for "cookie" and it is the word he says best in English. These oatmeal cream pies were a huge hit with everybody. Yummy yummy delish! I might have to burn the recipe because they are so good, and I know how much butter is in them! We did send some to work with my hubby to share the fatty goodness.


NDMom said...

Luke is adorable in his cookie heaven! Gotta love "fatty goodness" are a girl after my own heart!

Lyndi said...

Those look YUMMY! You might need to post that recipe ;)

whenpigsfly said...

He's so sweet, I'm sorry you didn't capture the expression you were hoping to share. ALMOST ALL of my photos turn out that way on any given day. Thsoe cookies DO look very big -smile yummy! Can you see my smile?

Missy said...

That's so funny! When I made cookies for the first time after Erik came home, I gave him a dab of the dough. Loved it!! Gave him a couple of more tastes and he was hooked. After they were done, I in turn, gave him a tiny piece of cookie (he doesn't chew yet). He made a face and spit it out and yelled!!! I destroyed his delicious cookie dough! It was so funny!

Gwen said...

Amy, Looks like a recipe I need to have!!! If I ever have time to bake again . . . ?