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The Boroughs Family

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Priceless GIVE AWAY!!!

This is totally free, no obligation giveaway! I have a copy of Tom Davis' new novel Priceless to send to the winner. I know I love to read in the summer, and this is a great book. If you aren't familiar with Tom Davis, he has written Fields of the Fatherless (a MUST read for anyone seeking to know God's heart for the fatherless) and Red Letters.

If you have a heart for orphans, you must read this book. Maybe you are familiar with the tragic statistics of what happens to young girls once they age out of the system, or maybe you never really thought about it? This book will break your heart for those women and children caught in bondage. You can read more about this issue and the book at:

Okay, it is super easy to enter for the giveaway! Just post a comment, become a follower of this blog (those who are currently followers will automatically be entered), post about it on your blog with a link back (please let me know you have done this), and/or email me at: The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win a FREE copy of this great book! Please spread the word! I will randomly have one of my kids draw a name on July 5th!


rachel, kyle, and levi anderson said...

Please put me in for the drawing! Sounds like an excellent read! Rachel Anderson -

Missy said...

I would LOVE this book! Sign me up! I'll also put a blurb about it on my facebook profile thingie. ;o)

Lyndi said...

I would LOVE this book and I think I should win since my SDA appt is on the 5th ;)

Judylynn said...

I've really wanted to read this book. I am PASSIONATE about this issue! Please enter me in this giveaway - Thanks!


Brandi @ HopeChest said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word!!

We are excited to see others not only read Priceless, but become passionate advocates for the girls who have been or could be victims of trafficking.

Let me know if I can help you get any more involved.

Thanks again!

Rachel said...

I would love to win this! I am following your blog, too!

Reading Widely said...

Cool! I have been wanting to read this one. Hope I win. :)

Terry said...

Darn Amy I missed this!!!! but I'm checking out the book anyway :) Pray everything is well, I don't get to check blogs anymore so I'm so behind! Love you sister, Terry