The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So close!

We are so close to having a complete dossier, I can barely stand it! I want it done! I want to send it to Sam's country and be officially "in process". We are still awaiting immigration approval, but aside from that it is 2 more documents and then it is complete (well, after we get state apostilles). The one document we have done twice already and are awaiting instructions because it wasn't done to the specifications needed. GRRRRRR! Please pray that the third time is the charm! Please pray we can wrap up this paperwork and get it on it's international journey quickly.

Oh, and I never did update on "the vote". Apparently it did not occur, but it is rumored it may occur next week. Sources say (unofficially) the outcome if it passes will not create a closure, but may result in changes to the adoption process in Sam's country. Our prayer is that whatever happens, that the Lord will bring home Sam quickly before any paperwork changes occur or any delays.

So very close, and yet Sam is still so far away! We are coming Sammy! I am sorry it is taking so long, but we are working as hard and fast as we can!

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