The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

I kept thinking of Dorothy and her ruby slippers all day Friday as we made the long journey home. I was really wishing for a pair of those magic shoes to get home quick. Ahhhh. Home! It is a joy to be home. Saturday morning we jumped right back into daily life and all of us headed out to the little guys' baseball game and it's been non-stop since. Anybody who knows me, knows I am a homebody(I cried as soon as we landed back in the good ole' USA). I love my role as a mom and chief operating officer of our household. After being away for so long, I have a renewed appreciation for getting to be with those I love, to sleep in my (heavenly!)bed, and drink gallons of tap water (in case you are wondering, I'm totally over wanting to do laundry,cook, or clean!).

However, I am not content. My heart is missing a little boy, MY little boy across the ocean who is waiting to come home. Home is not complete without his presence. As I was tickling and hugging Irina today, my heart ached to hear his adorable laugh when we would give him tickles and kisses (he is super ticklish). I can't wait to squeeze my little guy in my arms and not have to let go. I can't wait to hear his little voice saying "mama" again.

The plan originally was that I would return for the second trip to bring Sam home. During the first trip, Adam and I decided it would be best for him to go back. I am honestly jealous that he will get to do "gotcha day" and be loving on Sam while I am at home waiting, but I also can't imagine leaving the kids at home again after being away for so long. It is really not much longer, but while I wait all I can do is pray earnestly and comfort my aching heart with the thought that VERY soon we will be together as a family ALL of us under the same roof, on the same continent!

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julie.schellin said...

just leaving a quick comment to let you know I am reading your blog, and praying for you all. Can't imagine how hard this must be - hope the time FLIES!