The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gotcha, Sam!

Daddy has sprung him from the orphanage-forever! Thank you, Lord! I got to video skype with them today! Sam recognized me and immediately got out our family photo album and pointed to my picture saying "Mama-Papa"! I'm pretty sure he thinks both Adam and I are called "mama-papa" like it is one word! You should see him maneuvering around the apartment in his wheelchair. It is amazing, especially since he's only had a couple hours to try it out!

Please pray the passport arrives tomorrow so that homecoming is Friday! It did not come early as we had hoped, but now I will be thrilled just to get them home for the weekend!


Barb said...

Congratulations!! Praying for the timely arrival of the passport so they'll be home soon!

Mel said...

YAAAAY!! Sounds like a better day today Amy!! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

woohoo!!!!! Congrats! me and my sister Cody are praying the passport gets there ASAP! the process is almost over! it seems like yesterday you announced you were commiting to him! this whole process has been a miracle! i cant wait for him to meet his very own brothers and sisters! It will be exciting for him! God's looking down on you from above and smileing! have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

im not sure if you've heard this song before, me and tink found it on youtube. i feel it celebrates this process and Sammy's "gotcha Day!" it's called"One Less" and it's by Matthew West. here's a link!
there's one less broken heart in the world tonite! have a blessed Day!

ArtworkByRuth said...

Congratulations and praying things are going well! Hang in there and God bless!

- K - said...

YAY!! Congratulations! Praying for save travels.