The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Friday, January 23, 2009

Good news day!

Today our youngest sons I and B had their annual cardiology appointments. Both I and B were born in Hong Kong and have Down Syndrome and surgically corrected heart defects. The Doctor felt there were no significant changes, so she doesn't need to see them again for two years! Yippee! This is great news because they are doing well, and it also cuts down on the number of specialists we see every year. Good news considering we don't really know anything about Luke and Irina's health, so we don't know how many specialists appointments we will be adding once they are home.

I am working hard at getting the rest of our dossier together while we wait for our I 171H. Ugh. Did I mention I don't like paperwork? Of course, our printer decided to bite the dust a few weeks ago. After running to the library to make multiple copies, we decided that a new printer/scanner/copier was a necessity with the adoption paperwork (and the library isn't open when I seem to have the free time to actually get to the paperwork, usually around 11pm). So, now I have no excuse...well, except the notary isn't available at midnight!

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