The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Step Closer!!

We had our immigration fingerprinting appointments today, so we are a smidgen closer to our I 171H!(This is the form that will give us our official immigration approval so that we can send our dossier and get officially started with the process in Luke and Irina's country) I remember our first international adoption how puzzling all the form names and numbers were, and although they are now quite familiar, I am still a total wreck filling them out and mailing them for fear of making a mistake or forgetting to include some important document! Now we wait and pray that it does not take the 10 weeks that is estimated. We had always been blessed to have our approval come much quicker than anticipated, so hoping it is the same this time. We also mailed our Home Study and medicals to our US coordinator to be checked for errors or problems. Please pray that everything is in order so we can move on to the other needed documents.

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments and good wishes! I am so new at this blogging thing that I'm trying to figure out how to respond other than posting. Please continue to keep us in your prayers! I also appreciate those who have grabbed out button, and I am more than happy to grab yours...just let me know your blog address!

Mommy and Daddy are coming, Luke and Irina!!:)


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Yayyyy! Congrats on one step closer! I think it's neat that one day when Luke and Irina are grown, they can read these old posts on this blog and see how people cared for them when they were still halfway around the world.

ukraine09 said...

Hi, you do not know me, but I came across your blog through Reece's Rainbow. We have not committed to a RR child yet, but are considering the posiblity.

Anyway, I noticed you are also in NJ so I wanted to ask you a question. It seems like we are at about the same point in our dossier prep. I have my dossier complete except for my I-171H. I see that you were fingerprinted today and I wanted to see what your timeframe on your application process was. I mailed my I-600A application to USCIS at the end of Dec. I haven't received a receipt yet or a fingerprinting appt. How long did it take from when you mailed your application until you received your appt.? Were you fingerprinted in Newark or Philly? I think we will be sent to Philly since we are in south Jersey.

Congratulations on being one step closer to your two beautiful children! You can email me if you'd like at

Thank you.

alicia said...

great news, and hoping that everything keeps moving smooth and fast