The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly

There has been some of each during our first week home! I’ll start with the worst:

The Ugly: One word-poop
Yes, we have had some ugly poop issues. One of our first mornings home I went into Irina’s room to get her out of bed. As soon as I hit the door I could smell the problem, but as I approached her crib I could see it as well. Yuck! She had taken the contents of her awful diaper and smeared it everywhere. Luke apparently did not want to be outdone in this department. A couple days later, I went into the boys’ room and he had apparently removed his pull-up and pooped on the floor. Then he and one of his brothers stepped in it and tracked it all over the room, the bedding, everywhere.

The Bad: orphanage behaviors
Unfortunately, children who reside in institutions develop behaviors and “skills” to help them cope in that environment. These behaviors are challenging and can involve issues with food and eating, aggressive behaviors like hitting and biting, and self-soothing behaviors like rocking, head banging, etc. We have had a fair share of these issues as well, and we will continue working on them.

The Good! Saving the best for last
Yes, it has been a challenging week, but it has also been a very blessed week. Luke is quickly learning that he will be fed regularly, and that he doesn’t need to cram his food because no one else is going to take it. He has learned to sign “more”, “please”, “cookie”, “water”, “eat”, and he says “mama”, “papa” and “beep beep” (he loves to watch cars and trucks). He has the chunkiest, smooshiest cheeks, and he gives the best kisses with his little marshmallow lips. He has an adorable laugh and is super ticklish.

Irina smiles and laughs more each day. She already adores her big sisters, and puts her arms up for them to pick her up. She has learned to drink from a sippy cup, and she has also learned the sign “more”, and will now use it readily. She loves music, and she loves to dance, tickle, and be tickled.

We can’t wait to watch the changes that happen over the coming months as these two really start to understand that they are loved and cherished, and that they can trust us to meet their needs.


Andrea Roberts said...

Oh the poop!!! You're not the only one living with that, sister!

alicia said...

sending you hugs!!

Alice said...

Thanks for sharing honestly, and for saving the best for last. How wonderful that they have a family to love and provide for them at last!

Kelly said...

That is wonderful! I am so happy for you that they are finally home! They are both such adorable little kids! Can't wait to hear more as they see that life is going to be good to them afterall! :)

June Berger said...

So sorry about the ugly and bad, but oh the good.... :oD As Irina's prayer warrior, I'm THRILLED she is home! She is so beautiful! Luke is so very handsome, oh my what a darling pair you have! I'm sure your days are anything but dull, praying for ease in adaptation for all of you! Blessings by the bushel!

Terry said...

Oh Amy I've been so "involved" with "stuff" that I finally got a chance to really read your blog! I so hoped to pop over with some food when You got back but car issues and bad schedules prevented me from doing that. (the car issues are seriouly getting old now!) But it sounds like you are all adjusting and a wonderfully active house! I'm so blessed to see this all take place!

I also wanted to let you know that our son finally has his Haitian passport and now all we need is I600 approval and we are talking a month or less! Praising God to finally be bringing him home! Love you and miss you! Terry