The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Saturday, February 27, 2010


We took Luke and Irina for their follow up appointment at the International Adoption Clinic. Both of them are making progress and look to be in great health! The Dr. noted that Luke's activity level and impulsiveness is probably impacting some of his developmental progress. He really has made a lot of gains, but he is Mr. Distraction (and actually swung from the chandelier this week! UGH! We thought we had overcome that one with the loss of several cookies. I guess it had been awhile though, so he needed to test it out again!). We will continue to follow up with the Developmental Pediatrician about addressing these concerns with Luke.

Irina has made significant gains. She has improved around 8-9 months in her gross motor skills in the last 6 months. The Dr. also said "a diagnosis in the autism spectrum no longer seems likely"!!!! How awesome is that? God is so good! I am amazed at the changes we have seen in just the few months that they have been home. It's funny, it feels like they have always been here, but it has only been 7 months. We feel so blessed that God chose us to parent these two crazy kids!:)


Missy said...

That's great news about Irina! How happy you must be!

And I know that Luke will be just fine. It sounds like you just need to tweak his energy expenditure a little bit. ;o)

...but swinging from the chandelier...?? REALLY???

amyl4 said...

How wonderful to hear the news about Irina!:) Luke, well boys will be boys! I had my Ben who is now 18 swing on our chandelier when he was 3 and pulled it out of the ceiling several inches! Caleb is a handful too and can be very impulsive, and UGH, the throwing drives me crazy!!
Just remember you're not alone:):)

Lyndi said...

So happy to hear about Irina, that's awesome!!!

As for Luke, that child is gonna give you a run for your money. isn't he? Little monkey man! i still want pictures of him swinging, heehee.

These months have flown by though, that's for sure!!

The Feasters said...

Great update Amy! I went to a conference a while back and they talked about "institutional autism", autism characteristics present because of institutional care. I wonder if that's what was going on. Luke sounds a bit like my Benji, a little monkey with no fear, totally a blast to be around though.

Ruben & JoAnn said...

HI Amy& Adam
Great posts! I love your blog...glad to hear about Irina..and so funny about teh chandelier! I love it!