The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Monday, March 7, 2011

Got Gold? Help us bring Samuel home!

We are doing a fundraiser to help bring our Samuel home from Eastern Europe. Unlike most fundraisers, this time you won't be asked to spend money, but to make money! How does that work?

Gold prices are at an all-time high right now. You can turn your unwanted gold into cash, and help out a good cause as well. You are probably thinking "sorry, I don't have any gold", because I was thinking the same thing. So I went through my jewelry box and came up with a couple mismatched earrings, a few broken chains/bracelets, and an old locket. These are items I literally have no use for, but I can turn them into money to help cover some of our adoption expenses!

This is how it works: You are under No Obligation! You get a quote on your items, and if you like it, you get a check or money through paypal almost immediately, and you can be reimbursed your shipping costs as well. Then, the "gold guy" takes 15% of the "gold party" total and we get it as a host gift toward our adoption. If you don't like the quote, the "gold guy" sends your items back to you and pays the shipping, and will even reimburse the shipping to him. Any color gold, any karat, items that are broken, missing stones, gold teeth, gold coins, and even gold watches are great! If the item has stones in it, he will remove them and return them to you (he only wants the gold!).

If you are interested, you have two options:

1) If you live near me locally, you can give me the items directly and I will handle the mailing to "gold guy".

2) If you don't live near me, or you prefer, you can mail the items directly to my "gold guy", just please include all your contact information, your shipping costs, as well as that you are participating in "Boroughs Family fundraiser"(please be sure to inclued our names as he does quite a few fundraisers for adoptive families).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

The "gold guy"(who comes highly recommended!):

Steven Kersh
8927 Hypoluxo Rd
Suite A4, #350
Lake Worth, Florida

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Mari Mari said...

Have you tried making a "rifa" (pronunciation: heefa)? It's a kind of raffle, very common funraising here in brasil in schools and churchs. You buy a good that would interest the crowds: kitchenware, a tv, something cheaper or more expensive. let`s suppose you get a 100$ good. Then you're going to sell 300 passes for the raffle, at a cost of 1 dollar each. So, each person gives you one dollar, get a number (from 1 to 300, for example) and has the oportunity of participating in the raffle. You can raffle that through, for example. So, you get 300 bucks, refunds yourself 100 for the good, and makes 200. People are pleased if the cost of the pass is really low: one or two dollar - people buy even of they are not ver interest in the good. They are happy for helping. Once I got a basket full of self hygiene products helping the church renovation. Very powerful, and you can set rifa after rifa until tou get your bugget!