The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A BIG step closer!

Isn't she lovely? Our precious paper baby started on her journey to Eastern Europe today! Please pray for her safe arrival. The stack of papers probably doesn't look like much to many people, but to us it represents months of time, effort, money, prayers, and even a few tears. It was with mixed emotions I handed her off at Fed Ex today. Yes, I am relieved to (hopefully!) be done with the paperchase, I am excited to be nearing the end of our "pregnancy", but it is a little nerve-wracking to hand off precious documents that mean so much to us and so little to those who will be responsible for their safe delivery! It is hard to believe that we are really, finally getting closer to the day we will see our Sam and tell him that his mommy and daddy have come to bring him home.

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ArtworkByRuth said...

YEAH! Too bad a stack of papers can never represent all that we are and do for bringing our children home! GODSPEED PAPER BABY!