The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What did you do today?

We slept in till 7 (well, some of us didn't actually sleep until 7, but mom has a hard and fast rule about not coming out of bedrooms before 7 on Saturdays). We picked up the new bedding for the boys' room, and now it is an all sports theme (Ivan was helping to model the new bedding as well as the new bunk beds-he is sitting on Sam's bed)! We had yummy homemade wheat-crust vegie pizza for lunch, we played, and we had a "freeze dance" party (note Luke's expression in his picture!). We(well, actually mommy) did a little laundry, we played, watched a movie, played and did some more laundry, and then it was time for dinner, bathtime and bed! Irina seems to love her big girl bed. (The reason her picture looks like it does is she has netting around her bed to keep her IN the bed and out of trouble. Unlike Luke, just seeing a boundary provides enough security for her to leave it alone and sleep peacefully. Luke is another story...)

Now, mommy and daddy are going to get some take-out sushi (yummy!) and go hide in our room and watch a movie-just the 2 of us!:)I hope your day was as fun as ours!

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