The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Friday, February 4, 2011

Where did the week go?

Seriously, between the weather and the crazy busyness of life, I can't keep the days straight! It's kind of embarrassing to wish someone a good weekend and then ask "it is Friday, right?". Oh my! So a brief rundown on some happenings in our life this week:

* We have a precious new niece named Ava! She is so beautiful and we are so thrilled for her mommy,daddy, and big sis Morgan! They don't live locally, so I haven't gotten to meet her yet, but two of my big kids got to travel with grandparents and claim her as the cutest baby girl EVER!
*Completed our (hopefully) last step toward immigration approval! Yippee! Our oldest daughter got her fingerprints done Thursday, so now we wait on that "Golden Ticket" (as we adoptive parents lovingly refer to immigration approval!).
*Irina transitioned from a crib to a big girl bed! She really seems to like it and is sleeping well. She looks so small on a twin-size bed. I will have to post a picture of her.
*Blair transitioned with no problems from his toddler bed to the bed (but then again, he ended up there most nights when it was Ivan's bed).
*Ivan transitioned to the top bunk! This was more challenging than I thought. He was excited about getting a new bed, but I was surprised when he expressed fear at sleeping on the top bunk. Big sis Caroline volunteered to sleep up on top with him one (uncomfortable) night, and that did the trick! He has slept up there no problems since then! Thank you, Caroline!:)
*Irina wore big girl pants ALL day Saturday with no accidents (I am not brave enough to try underwear at school/while out yet)!
*Irina actually got to go to swim therapy this week! We have only made it twice so far as it has been cancelled every other time due to winter weather! She loves it(mommy honestly could do without putting on a bathing suit in the middle of winter, but I tell her each time it is a testament to how much I truly love her, because I know how much joy the pool gives her).
*For some reason, Blair and Luke decided 4 am was the perfect time to awaken this morning. This very tired mama did not agree, but now they are both back in bed and I am not. Life is definitely not fair:)

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