The Boroughs Family

The Boroughs Family

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We got the golden ticket & something else

Yippee!! It came! It came! Our approval notice from immigration! This was the last document needed to complete our dossier, which we hope will be on it's way to Sam's country this week.

So, what else came this week? Oh, nothing good I'm sorry to say! A nasty, awful, yucky, horrible stomach bug that has ripped through the house at lightening speed. Thanks to Irina who brought the lovely "gift" home from school this week. All but two of us have had the misfortune of experiencing this illness so far (yes, i had my fun turn, thank you). Yeah, you might not want to stop by for a visit for a few days. Some serious spring cleaning is on the agenda this week!


My name is Sarah said...

Yea Good news!! Sorry to hear about the flu.

NDMom said...

So HAPPY that you got your approval and will get your dossier off! Will be praying for a "speedy delivery" and submission date! Sorry to hear you were all sick! Guess it's better than we you are both out of country? :) Thanks, too, for your support and prayers for our journey. Your kind words are so appreciated! Love, Paula

julie.schellin said...

so sorry about sickness - children of large families share bugs with each other so generously, don't they? :) but what happy news about your adoption!